Thank you to Kristin Zimet, Editor of The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review.   I received my contributor’s copies today.


My poem entitled “Inkblot” appears in the Winter issue:




Viewed from overhead,

we form an inkblot

as we lie in bed:

each facing an outer wall,

backs together, knees

bent in unison, soles

of our feet touching.


Mirrored, married sleep.

We could be a butterfly

or some monster

ready to pounce upon

the unsuspecting other –

the something wed

to symmetry.


There’s some wonderful poetry in this issue.  The kind of poems you want to read over and over again.  The Sow’s Ear is published quarterly.  Subscriptions are $20.  Mail to Robert Lesman, Managing Editor, PO Box 127, Millwood VA  22646.