Posey County Sunrise
Posey County Sunrise


 A Thousand Birds by Hilda Morley


A thousand birds—they flew out of
your mouth at your dying,
                                       as you said
                                       they would
& bewildered me:
                         They bewilder me still.
Nearly 48 months have passed & the beating
of those wings has haunted,      filled
                                              this room
                                              where I
sit now writing, the room
where you died:
                         a clattering
of wings has passed through these walls.
                                    Something has stopped.
is unable to go any farther.
                                    The wings are
                                    still now
                                    & I rock from
                                    side to side
                                    with the faintest
movement barely perceptible because I cannot
breathe in this stillness
                                        & must set that power
               those enormous wings
flying again
A Thousand Birds from Cloudless at First by Hilda Morley
(Kingston, Rhode Island: Moyer Bell, 1988)